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Activism: An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
1:30-2:30 EDT

The History Department and College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Cleveland State University are partnering with the Memory & Resistance Coalition to offer a public event: “Activism: An Interdisciplinary Conversation.” Six scholars, activists, and community members will facilitate an informal discussion based on three guiding questions focusing on contemporary and historical examples of resistance as well as how individuals conceptualize their own acts of resistance.

 The facilitators will post 5-7 minute reflections to the guiding questions prior to the event and we invite all interested participants and community members to submit reflections for archiving at EngagedScholarship at Cleveland State University. There are often limited archival records of individuals reflecting on their roles in acts of resistance. This event will bring these experiences and reflections to the forefront, creating a repository around the critical question of what it means to be an activist from individual perspectives rather than the labels applied by historians and other scholars, often after the events have occurred. Furthermore, this repository will serve as an archival record of the Memory and Resistance Coalition year for use by educators, activists, students and community members.

 During the live  Zoom session (1:30-2:30pm), participants will have the opportunity to choose a break room for a conversation facilitated by one or two of the panelists.

Facilitators include:

Shelley E. Rose, Department of History, CSU

Mary Triece, Director of the Women’s Studies Program, University of Akron

Michael Cangemi, Department of History, United States Military Academy

Sherrae M. Mack, Black Studies Program, CSU

Christine Stonebraker-Martinez, InterReligious Task Force on Central America (IRTF)

Michael Wiitala, Department of Philosophy and Comparative Religion, CSU


This is a special Memory & Resistance program. During IRTF’s 40th anniversary year, the Memory & Resistance Coalition is honoring the witness and legacy of Cleveland’s women killed in El Salvador in 1980 (Jean Donovan & Dorothy Kazel, OSU) by uplifting the struggles of all oppressed peoples. A year of special programming (art exhibition, panels, public discussions, music & spoken word performances, book clubs, and more) is designed to spotlight, commemorate, celebrate, teach, and reflect on some of Cleveland’s stories of resistance, past and present.