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Deadline to Apply for WFP Delegation to Colombia

Friday, May 1, 2020

This delegation will June 13-23, 2020.


Join veteran delegation organizer Lyn Clark Pegg and WFP cofounder Gail Phares on two side by side historic delegations to commemorate 20 years of accompaniment and advocacy in solidarity with the Colombian people. We hope to coordinate two simultaneous delegations: one focused in Bogota and one that travels outside the capital, overlapping at the end for action planning and a celebration gathering with historical and current partners.    

 For the last six decades, Colombia has endured a brutal armed conflict. In many cases, US involvement and military aid have exacerbated internal disputes, leading to gross human rights violations and creating one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises with almost 8 million people internally displaced and over 220,000 people killed. Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective delegates will see the effects of US policy firsthand, analyzing the effects of military aid on communities, the impact of Plan Colombia, the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and Labor Action Plan, and US cooperation in the post-accords period. 

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  • Learn about issues of internal displacement and armed conflict, grassroots peacebuilding efforts and the peace process, and the work of human rights defenders throughout the country. 

  • Meet with human rights defenders, displaced Afro-Colombian and Indigenous communities, and other advocates, and return prepared to act in solidarity. 

  • Reflect upon the impact of accompaniment, policy advocacy, and solidarity work, as we mark 20 years of on-the-ground presence and delegations.

  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to return to the United States and advocate against harmful US policies, striving for new policies that uplift human rights and support Colombian communities on the ground.


cost = $1,200 + airfare

fundraising and scholarship opportunities available.

May 1 deadline to apply with $250 deposit

Remaining Balance due May 13, 2020.

​Delegation fee covers meals, lodging, interpreters, and transportation within Colombia, along with reading and activist tools. 

MAIL CHECK (Save us $ on processing fee):

Witness for Peace Midwest, PO Box 6078, Minneapolis, Mn 55406

*Please note COLOMBIA DELEGATION on the check