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Dismantle Border Imperialism: Convergence in Tucson

Friday, March 27, 2020 to Sunday, March 29, 2020

SOA Watch recently released a report outlining the egregious history and results of US training of Latin American state agents and how that training is now being provided to US Department of Homeland Security agents, specifically Border Patrol and ICE staff, for use against migrants and refugees at borders and within the US.

Why is this of concern?

1-  More than 100 people have been killed by US Border Patrol as a direct result of their excessive use of force over the last 15 years. This includes the cross-border killings of 15-year-old Sergio Adrián Hernández Güereca in 2010 and 16-year-old José Antonio Elena Rodríguez in 2012;  both were killed by US Border Patrol agents who shot them from the US side of the border! when the teenagers were on Mexican soil.

2- Not a single Border Patrol agent has even been held legally accountable for these killings

3- recent internal government report concluded that criminal misconduct by border officers is at a five-year high

4- Border Patrol and ICE agents are being trained at Ft Benning, the home of the ignominious School of Assassins (School of Americas/WHINSEC).


Since the 1990s, SOA Watch has been monitoring the results of the civilian-targeted warfare training provided at SOA/WHINSEC. These militarized security forces (who are being lethally trained) lack oversight and disproportionately target communities of color. It is our obligation to continue to resist and stand in solidarity with the victims of US-led and sanctioned state violence to end these egregious patterns of violence and the structures that uphold them.


March 27-29, 2020: SOA Watch is collaborating with other organizations to facilitate a weekend of panels and action in Tucson, Arizona, to further our collective work to dismantle border imperialism and all forms of US-led and supported violence that threaten the well-being and autonomy of our communities and territories. More information will be available in the upcoming weeks.

We hope you will join us in Tucson and in our ongoing call for solidarity with migrants around the world who seek a dignified life. Together, we affirm the right to stay in one’s homeland with dignity, we affirm the right to migrate, and we affirm that no human being is ever illegal. Together, we will continue to fight for a better and more just world!