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Join us for Equal Exchange 2019 Summit

Friday, May 24, 2019
Wheaton College in Norton, MA

Join our community for two days of workshops, celebration, and planning as we advance our vision of building a better food system, together.

Keynote Speaker: Santiago Paz López
Santiago is the export manager at NorAndino Cooperative (formerly Cepicafe) located in the Piura region of Peru. What started out as a small group of coffee growers in the mountains of Peru has grown into a cooperative that produces far more than just coffee today.

Join the movement to reclaim the food system –to make it better for farmers, consumers, and the earth.


We are excited to share with you two exciting presenters at this
years’ Citizen-Consumer Summit. You may have heard, this year we are
asking our base to engage in two solidarity campaigns: Behind the
Barcodes, led by OXFAM, and the Food and Agribusiness Moratorium and
Antitrust Review Act, led by the Organization of Competitive Markets. We
admire both of these organizations and are excited to have leaders share
their work this June that addresses issues in the food system.

BACKGROUND on why this summit is being called

Equal Exchange was founded as an alternative trade organization (ATO)
with the mission of connecting US consumers and small marginalized
farmers from the global south from countries like Nicaragua, Peru, or
India. Alternative trade organizations have foundational influence in the
broader fair trade movement but have become isolated from even their
most natural allies including coops, citizen movements, community economic
organizations, unions, and NGO’s. Because of this isolation, ATO’s are
under grave threat for the future—at risk of not surviving the market in the
next ten to fifteen years.
How are we, Equal Exchange, one of the most successful ATO’s in the
global north, thinking about our future? What is our plan to try to survive
and prosper in this next period? How will we need to change to increase
our odds of success?
We believe our path to success includes bringing our supporters, citizen-consumers,
more deeply into our organization to foster real and direct
solidarity with our small farmer partners and our growing co-operative
network. We are forging the path as we walk it and your participation in
our June summit is a vital piece of this vision.

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