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Labor Solidarity Series

Monday, March 1, 2021 to Monday, March 22, 2021
6pm EST

Join us Mondays in March  for the IRTF-hosted Labor Solidarity Series!

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The InterReligious Task Force is hosting an economic justice themed webinar series titled Labor Solidarity Series that will have four separate webinars divided by industry: service workers, farm workers, industrial workers, and also a special webinar partnered with ATC and CLOC with international farm workers from Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras. The goal of this webinar series is to amplify worker stories, push organizational efforts, and to rematriate with our communities, locally and internationally, to build trusting relationships in economic justice. At this webinar, you will be able to hear about worker struggles and stories due to COVID, the current economic struggle, and the impacts being laid off. Also, organizational efforts from our Cleveland and international communities will be shared for community involvement in order to support local and international workers in these hard hit industries, and to provide worker and economic resources. We hope that this public conversation will motivate community members and amplify workers at home and abroad. 

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom where there will be Spanish and English interpretation. We encourage community involvement in this conversation and will have time for specific questions for workers and their organization efforts during each webinar. The webinars will be approximately 60 minutes long. 

The webinars will be hosted on the following dates and times, with their respective organizational participants and descriptions below: 


Monday, March 1st 6pm EST: Service Worker Webinar


Northeast Ohio Worker Center, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1, Ohio Organizing Collaborative


The Service Worker Webinar will highlight the work of restaurant, janitorial, and unemployed workers during this time of economic and health crises. Service workers have been one of the most impacted by losing hours and tips due to limited staff and curfews to try and maintain the spread of COVID. Service workers are working in environments where COVID spread is high through the lack of mask wearing. We also will be featuring a guest from Ohio Organizing Collaborative that will discuss some of the Biden Administration’s plan for unemployment and stimulus benefits. Here, we will learn about benefits that workers may be eligible to receive and when to apply. Also, we will have the opportunity to hear from local labor groups that need support and involvement from our communities. 


Monday, March 8th 6pm EST:  Farm Worker Webinar


Migrant Justice Vermont, CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers), ATC (Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo)


The Farm Worker Webinar will highlight the lives of US and international farm workers and the impacts of COVID and economic struggles in their lives.Comparing Nicaragua and the US, we will look at different government responses intended to benefit the needs of farm workers. Farm workers will share their stories and highlight their local organizational efforts in labor justice -- something that calls for community involvement as well.


Monday, March 15th 6pm EST: Industrial Worker Webinar 


Retired Local GM Autoworker Chuckie Denison, Asotrecol Colombia, Sinaltrainal Colombia 


This webinar will highlight the lives of US and Colombian industrial workers. We will hear from General Motors workers (NE Ohio and Colombia) who have been laid off and have faced economic struggles and still fight for labor rights. Also, we will get to hear from a food  and beverage union organizer who has seen the impacts of COVID and worker repression in Colombia. Here, we will learn how to support local and Colombian industrial worker efforts.


Monday, March 22nd 6pm EST:  International Farm Worker Webinar: ATC 

Participants: ATC, CLOC, La Via Campesina 


At this event with international farm workers, we will get to hear from Latin American farm workers from ATC, CLOC, and La Via Campesina who will share their experiences from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The workers will tell how their own initiatives and government responses to COVID have varied, and how we can get involved to support their efforts.