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Let's Make this Wasteland Bloom

Saturday, March 25, 2023
The Rhizome House, 2174 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Make this Wasteland Bloom!

We want to invite you to an all day event on Saturday, March 25, oriented towards Clevelanders who want to make this wasteland bloom.

In our daily lives and in the work we each do, we have encountered this crisis. We know its contours and we know many of the ways it affects us. The mainstream conversation around the crisis, when it is even acknowledged, tends to put it into so many boxes. Is this a climate crisis or a food crisis? A housing crisis or a health crisis? A crisis of racism or a crisis of police violence? A crisis of borders and migration, of education, of democracy?

We know it is all these things and more. That’s why we want you to take part in moving forward a conversation that is intended to build relations, to share resources, and to spread awareness about what each of us are doing to tackle this crisis from where we stand.

Throughout the day, we will have a couple speakers talking about the intersections between urban farming, soil remediation, food security, health, and resistance to colonialism and racism. Much of the day will be spent in break out discussions allowing us to go into more depth understanding specific problems and crafting strategic solutions. Throughout the day we’ll have snacks and literature, and a welcoming space for newcomers who want to get involved. And then we’ll end the day with food and music.

Please feel free to share this invitation in your relevant networks. This is a welcome space for all people and groups working together in a spirit of solidarity, social transformation, and horizontality.

Remus & the organizing collective, Make This Wasteland Bloom