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NEO Worker Center Open Meeting and Guardians for Fair Work Campaign

Thursday, May 26, 2022
12 PM ET
via Zoom

Open Meeting

Save the date!  Our next Open Meeting is on Thursday, May 26th from 12:00 - 1:00pm.  This is a great meeting to check-in with the worker center, hear what's been going on, and meet other folks' involved with NEOWC.
Guardians for Fair Work Campaign + Pledge Cards!
The Guardians for Fair Work campaign continues!  We are partnering with a number of orgs and grassroots organizers to bring wage theft and unfair scheduling protections to workers in Cleveland.  City Council continues to signal support for our wage theft ordinance and we are working hard to continue to apply pressure for its speedy passage.  Here are some simple ways you can get involved with the campaign:
2. Request a packet of pledge cards by responding to this email.  Use this pledge cards to get signatures from friends, family, neighbors, and others to help build support for the campaign.  We will be dsitributing pledge cards through the month of May and will bring the completed cards to City Council as a demonstration of the support for pro-worker policies in Cleveland.
3. Share our recent op-ed in The Land or this article suggesting wage theft enforcement as a use for ARPA dollars.
4. Follow us on instagram and twitter @fairworkcle
5.  Check out our Fair Work Friday series where we are lifting up worker stories in a weekly email and video series.  See below for the email with easy links to share.