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Immigrant Rights

Description: IRTF opposes prejudice against immigrants from Central America and Columbia because there are many US agencies that use their influence and power to suppress immigrant rights by inflicting fear, deporting asylum seekers, and causing unnecessary harm to families and communities of immigrants across the country. Even those who have obtained citizenship status in the US face extreme legal and prejudicial challenges as the rhetoric around immigration has tended to be quite negative. The US government has aided in this rhetoric and has put a significant amount of financial backing towards their agencies. 

Vision: IRTF envisions a world where US-Central American/ Colombian relations have embraced fair and just immigration policies that support and protect all immigrants no matter their race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. By shifting money and human resources away from agencies that use violence and prejudice against immigrants from Central America and Columbia- more of these important resources can be used in conjunction to support their rights. 


  • To support immigrants from Central America and Columbia throughout their process to live and work in the US
  • To dissuade the use of racially discriminatory language against immigrants from Central America and Columbia 
  • To create opportunities for immigrants to find economic, housing and emotional well being in and around Cleveland by creating programs and advocating/protesting.


  • Respond to calls for solidarity actions from immigrant communities
  • Organize actions to pressure government agencies to respect and protect immigrant rights, work to counteract prejudice, and promote cultural heritage 
  • Call on governments to financially and programmatically aid immigrant communities through the immigration process before funding military enforcement personnel or organized raids.