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IRTF Events Calendar

February 4, 2017: Social Justice Teach-In
Case Western Reserve University 11038 Bellflower Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106

On Saturday February 4th IRTF will be hosting our 17th annual Social Justice Teach-In in conjunction with Case Western Reserve University. Our Teach-In is a great opportunity for people of all ages to learn about critical human rights issues and practice hands-on skills to organize for change. This annual event attracts 600+ participants, many from area high schools and colleges. The Teach-In will provide participants with information, skills, and resources to support social justice campaigns at their schools and congregations and in their communities. 

Come and learn more about international activism, racism, sexism, intersectionality and the movement for social justice! 

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10:30-11:00        Registration/Check-In
11:00-12:00        Welcome & Keynote Speaker by Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership
12:00-12:30        Peace Poets Kick Off concert
12:30-1:25           Workshop Session 1
1:35-2:30             Workshop Session 2
2:40-3:30             Jolt for Justice: Peace Poets concert & Next Steps


The Campaign for Fair Food; Farm Worker Rights, Fair Food, Labor Justice Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)

The Bible as Radical Handbook for Environmental Justice

Navigating Nonviolence, Promoting Peace (People’s Convention for justice and peace)

Cross-Border Alliances: LGBTQ Rights and Challenges in Latin America and Ohio

Conscientious Objection:  Its values and victories

Militarization of the border and unjust immigrant detention

Trade Policies and Cross Border Labor Solidarity

Organizing a campaign on a college campus (Racial Justice, Exploited Labor)

Our Environment, Human Rights, and Cultural Preservation

Active Nonviolence and Accompaniment

The Art of Resistance: exploration in poetry and movement music

Indigenous land rights issues from Standing Rock to Latin America

 Islamophobia, root causes, current manifestations, and the cost of hatred and dehumanization



 This event would not be possible without the help of our co-sponsors:


St. Dominic Faithful Citizenship. ACLU of Ohio. Revy Fair Trade. The Presbytery of the Western Reserve. Sisters of the Humility of Mary. Sisters of Notre Dame. Harmony Springs Christian Church.