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IRTF's Work in Reproductive Rights Defense

Women's experiences of reproductive justice differ according to socioeconomics. It is related to domestic violence, sexual harassment, the gendered pay gap, the murders of gendered environmental land defenders and Indigenous water protectors in rural areas. Those most harmed by the criminalization of individual autonomy over pregnancy are all people with the capacity to gestate with the fewest economic resources.  Reproductive health care is inseparable from the demand for a guaranteed public health system, which includes contraception and comprehensive sexual education, allowing for more inclusive sexual expressions, and relationships. Bodies shoould not, cannot, be policed as private property. 

In this post, see a collection of the work IRTF has done over the years in defense of reproductive justice. 

Rapid Response Letters Related to Reproductive Justice:

El Salvador, 06/01/2016

El Salvador, 10/23/2019

El Salvador, 05/11/2013

El Salvador, 11/11/2012

Colombia, 06/11/2012

Nicaragua, 12/03/2008

Mexico, 04/02/2012

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Femme and Reproductive Rights Related Social Justice Teach-In Workshop Sessions & Other Webinars





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Multiple Panelists from Repro Justice Community


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Panels facilitated by Lily Shannon


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Jessie Hill


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Annie Krol


Introduction to Health and Healthcare Disparities

Anna Pearl Wright


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Jessica Chan


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Women, Gender, and the Agricultural Supply Chain

Oxfam America and Sarah Kalloch


Sexism 101 - You need this course, sister! Asserting female power

Leah Pusateri


Sexism 101 - You need this course, sister! Asserting female power

Leah Pusateri


Sexism 101 - You need this course, sister! Asserting female power

Leah Pusateri


Sexism 101 - You need this course, sister! Asserting female power

Leah Pusateri


The Womyn’s Voice - Women in Social Justice Movements

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Other Related Social Justice Teach-In Workshop Sessions


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