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Fair Trade Youth Grant

The NE Ohio Fair Trade Network is offering small grants to student and youth groups to initiate sweatfree buying and fair trade projects.

WHO:    a student club or youth group at your school (high school/college) or congregation

WHAT:  grants up to $500 per year as seed money to get your fair trade project going

WHEN:  April 1 for summer programs
                August 1 for fall programs
                December 1 for spring programs

WHERE:  student/youth groups in the following counties:
                  Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage, Summit

WHY:   With growing inequality and systems of poverty across the world, there is a greater need than ever for just, alternative economic models.
              We need to build more markets for fair trade in Ohio!

HOW:   1– form a fair trade committee
              2– educate yourselves
              3– make a game plan and apply for the grant
              4– educate others
              5– initiate a supply chain change

We need a “supply chain change” for many of the products we buy, use and consume.
  Who grew our coffee?
  What are the conditions for workers who harvest our bananas?
  What are the work hours and wages of people who sew our school uniforms?
These are examples of fair trade products that are readily available
food: bananas, snacks, nuts, tea, chocolate, coffee, sugar, honey
clothing: school uniforms, t-shirts, athletic jerseys
flowers: roses, carnations
athletic equipment: soccer balls, volley balls
body care: soap, lotion

Make sure your products come from businesses that are either members of the Fair Trade Federation or have certification from an independent third-party fair trade certifier:
Fair Trade International
Fair Trade America
TransFair USA
Fair for Life/IMO

INFO:    Invite someone from the NE Ohio Fair Trade Network to speak to your student club or youth group.

For more information or a grant application, contact OhioFairTrade[at]