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Afro-Descendant & Indigenous


  • To celebrate the cultural traditions and heritage of Afro-descendant and indigenous communities in southern Mexico, Central America and Colombia
  • To promote the sovereignty of Afro-descendant and indigenous communities that is recognized by most national governments and international accords
  • To stop the forced displacement of Afro-descendant  and indigenous communities
  • To create safe space and economic opportunities in Afro-descendant and indigenous territories so young people can stay and build their communities for generations to come



  • Respond to calls for solidarity actions from Afro-descendant and indigenous communities
  • Organize consumer actions to pressure companies to respect Afro-descendant and indigenous sovereignty, land rights and cultural heritage
  • Call on governments to enforce communities’ right to prior consultation before funding or permitting large-scale development or extraction projects
To help support communities, particularly indigenous and Afro-descendant, who organize their lives according to traditional values and ways, by challenging repression and supporting economic ventures.
Promoting dignity and equality for Afro-descendant and native peoples across the hemisphere and resisting state-sponsored violence and institutionalized racism.