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Description: Aligned with pro-democracy movements, IRTF opposes militarism in Latin America because the military is used to suppress democratic movements and to maintain economic inequality and exploitation. Security forces (police, military) are often used in “counter-insurgency,” i.e., against what are labeled as domestic enemies (whether they be armed guerrilla rebels or unarmed Indigenous rights groups). Too often, members of social movements are labeled as guerrillas to justify attacks by government security forces against them. The “insurgents” are often people defending their basic rights. The US—in its quest to promote political and economic dominance over Latin America—has propped up military forces in the region since the early 20th century. Making the region secure for foreign investment has been a key policy objective. Targets in that objective have been groups challenging centuries-long structural economic inequality.

Vision: IRTF envisions a world where US relations with Central America and Colombia have moved beyond mostly military-to-military ties toward relationships that develop and uphold self-determination, freedom, democracy, and social and economic justice. By shifting money and human resources away from militarism—in the US and in Central America and Colombia—more resources are devoted to meeting human needs. 

Support people’s pro-democratic, nonviolent movements, and people's sovereignty and democracy over military and coup-imposed governments.
End US training of Latin American military and other security forces in Central America and Colombia and on US soil, and the militarization of humanitarian, economic, environmental and other foreign assistance to Central America & Colombia. Working to eliminate long-term US military presence in Central America and Colombia, including personnel and bases.
In 2019 in Bolivia, at least six SOA/WHINSEC graduates, led by General Wiliams Kaliman Romero, facilitated a coup against the will of the Bolivian people that Democratically elected President Evo Morales. We condemned this imperialist assault on Bolivia´s people. We denounced the burning of the Wiphala, a symbol of indigenous unity, strength, and resistance. We stood with the Indigenous and campesin@ communities and supported their autonomy, right to organize, and to decide the fate of their territories outside the grasp of the United States. As long as the Wiphala is flown, the fire of the resistance will continue to light Abya Yala. Together, we cry!
Migration and forced displacement are byproducts of a system that uses capitalism, colonization, militarism, racism, classism, and anti-Indigenous ideology and policy to uplift those in power. We support those individuals and families who are forced to flee their home countries, regardless of the reason. We see all displaced people as refugees of a system that actively oppresses them and has left them with little choice but to seek higher ground, literally and figuratively.