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Exploited Labor

Description: Current trade policies are creating a “race to the bottom”: ever-decreasing standards for workers, consumers and the environment. IRTF responds to calls from workers’ associations for solidarity: consumer and legislative. IRTF joins them in campaigns targeting manufacturers and retailers to promote just wages and safe working conditions. IRTF conducts local educational, media, and action campaigns calling attention to consumer power, corporate responsibility, and government policies that can help put an end to child labor, sweatshop abuses, and other exploitive labor practices in the factories and the fields. IRTF calls on legislators to improve trade policies to protect workers, consumer safety and the environment.

Vision: IRTF envisions a world where the economic system has been transformed to allow workers better housing, healthcare, nutrition, education and other basic needs for their families. Workers control the conditions under which they work, maintaining a value of labor that upholds the human dignity of the worker. 

Stopping the "race to the bottom" and demanding trade policies that protect workers, consumers and the environment.
Standing with workers across the hemisphere to promote just wages and safe working conditions, calling for consumer actions, corporate responsiblity and government policies to end the exploitation of labor