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December 9, 2021: The Fight for Citizenship for All
6pm EST

organizer of this event: Labor and Community for an Independent Party ,  Oakland, CA

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Join us as we hear from immigrant leaders, labor leaders, and public education teachers, among others, on the importance of connecting our struggles and building an independent working class party that is rooted in our movements, that is accountable to the grassroots through labor and community assemblies, and that can stand up to both corporate parties. The time is ripe to seize the momentum of Striketober and the growing movements for racial, gender, and climate justice to win critical reforms for all working class people and oppressed communities. Our time is now.

The Budget Reconciliation Bill has excluded legalization for undcoumented immigrants,  leaving 11 million undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation. But from California to Chicago, from New York to Washington D.C., undocumented families are saying enough

-no more detentions

-no more deportations

-yes! to a clear and permanent path to legalization and citizenship 


Luis Angel Reyes Savalza, undocumented activist, immigration attorney, and member of the Movement for Papers for All (Oakland, CA)
Yurina Gonzalez, immigrant leader and member of the Movement for Papers for All (San Jose, CA)
Joe Mejia, immigrant activist, poet, and hunger-striker inside ICE detention (Watsonville, CA)
Berthony Dupont, editor, Haiti Liberté (Brooklyn, NY)
David Van Deusen, president, Vermont AFL-CIO (Montpelier, VT)
Marco Amaral, teacher, elected member for the Board of Trustees for the South Bay Union School District, and independent candidate for California's Superintendent for Public Instruction (San Diego, CA)
Connie White, co-convener of Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP) and Labor Party advocate (Los Angeles, CA)