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IRTF Events Calendar

June 27, 2018: Immigrants Rights Collaborative
5:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
Cleveland Jobs with Justice 20525 Center Ridge Rd., Rocky River 44116. Suite #700

In Cleveland, we are joining together to create a humane and compassionate response to immigrants and refugees. We at IRTF—along with strong partners like Jobs with Justice, the ACLU, and IndivisbleCLE—have been convening an Immigrant Rights Collaborative since early 2017.  The Collaborative is a team of representatives of faith communities and immigrant defense organizations—as well as other committed individuals—that meet regularly to share information and plan coordinated strategies.  We work on a number of things that have been coming at us non-stop since January 2017:

-emergency responses to detentions or raids

-detention visits

-bond funds

-support for families of detainees

-accompaniment to ICE check-ins, to Immigration Court

-legislative advocacy

-faith communities’ pledges of immigrant defense

-sanctuary support

-public education

-public mobilizations: marches, rallies, direct actions

Forming a community of love and compassion, we recognize our government’s responsibility (and our own complicity) in the push factors that drive people to leave their homes, to flee violence and destitution. We must reject “zero tolerance” polices and instead exercise hospitality. We can and must turn this country into a place of welcome. We must demand that our government treat migrants from Central America as refugees and grant them their internationally-recognized right to seek asylum.  See them as our sisters and brothers who seek shelter and safety. Show them love and compassion. Welcome them with hearty hospitality. Be a people of solidarity.

Please join us.

June 28, 2018: Community Shares Power Lunch
11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.
Windows on the River Banquet Facility 2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony

More information to come. 

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June 30, 2018: June Juke Night - Fundraiser for NODS and AMP NEO
7:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M.
Mahall's 13200 Madison Ave, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

AMP NEO x NODS presents Juke Joint. A night of entertainment celebrating black music history month.

Find tickets HERE

AMP NEO = Amplifying Black, Indigenous and POC Voices in NE Ohio. AMP NEO is a local anti-racist organization that is using community collaborating efforts to change the narrative and promote anti-racism awareness in our everyday lives. Through meetings and direct action, we strive to educate those on the work that can be done.

NODS=Northern Ohio Immigrant Support Network. NODS is a collaborative effort to offer community and support to immigrants in detention.

Together we are fundraising for AMP NEO arts programming as well as material support for those impacted by ICE apprehensions and raids--detainees and their families. Raffle features works by local artists.

Live performances by:

Come and join the festivities!

June 30, 2018: Families Belong Together Rally Cleveland
10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

On June 30, people across the United States are standing up and demanding that the Trump administration end the cruel policies against immigrants and their families. 

The Trump Administration is breaking up families. It’s happening at our borders, at churches, schools, and workplaces. Toddlers are being ripped from their mother’s arms as they seek protection at the border. An overburdened system is now being bombarded as hundreds more children are sent to custody for no good reason. Mothers and fathers who have lived in the country for decades are being forced to decide whether they should leave their American children behind in the care of others for a secure and brighter future or take them with them to face a possible death sentence in a country now foreign to them. Kids are having to grow up fast as their mothers and fathers are forcibly taken away by ICE. It’s an American crisis happening right in front us where children - from the toddlers at the border to Dreamers losing DACA and American-born children of immigrant parents - have become the victims in Trump’s America.

It’s not just happening at the border. Trump is breaking up families in our neighborhoods. Immigrant parents and caregivers who have lived in the country for decades and have U.S. citizen children are being forcibly taken away, leaving a trail of countless American children without their mothers and fathers. 

The problem isn’t an immigrant mother taking her children to school, paying taxes, going to church and working hours at a minimum wage job. The problem is a Trump Administration targeting immigrants like her when there is no process in place for undocumented immigrants to apply for legal status. 

For every termination of TPS for immigrant parents, the Trump Administration is ripping families apart. Parents with TPS have been able to live and work legally, and raise their U.S. born children in our neighborhoods. And now, Trump is forcing these parents to return to violent or extremely poor countries. They must decide whether to leave behind their children in the care of others for a secure and bright future or take them to a possible death sentence.

No American father or mother would stand for their right to care for children to be stripped away. The Trump Administration is jeopardizing this right by taking away the legal status of immigrant parents and forcing them to leave behind their families, their communities, and the country they proudly call home. 

Dreamers are part of the American family. They go to school in our neighborhoods, they work alongside us, they pray in our same churches, and they have American born siblings and children. Forcing these young immigrants to leave behind their families and dreams is heartless and wrong. 

At the core of who we are as Americans is our love of country and family. From the border to our neighborhoods, we must not only ask “where are the children” but how we as nation stand up against a government forcibly breaking up families.

We are calling for three actions: 

1. Family reunification. Families divided by the "zero tolerance" policy of the Trump administration and the cruel ICE raids across Ohio have divided families. We call upon the Trump administration and Congress to reunify all of these families humanely and immediately. 

2. Defund ICE. 

3. Pass legislation creating an immigration system that values human dignity. 

Please create posters and communications reflecting these three demands for this rally. 

Stay tuned for additional details.