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Urgent Actions

The Rapid Response Network responds to urgent human rights alerts from Colombia, Central America and Southern Mexico. As a result, human rights crimes are brought to light, perpetrators brought to justice, and lives spared. Our voices do make a difference!
Initiated under President Trump, Title 42 has been maintained for two years despite calls from public health officials, Members of Congress, and advocates to end the policy. Under Title 42, asylum seekers have been returned to situations of grave danger in their countries of origin – a practice illegal under international law. Public health research has also shown that the policy can exacerbate the spread of COVID-19 rather than curtail it, and that there are safe ways to manage migrant arrivals during the pandemic. Take action to restore asylum!
The Cuyahoga County Jail Coalition is calling for a stop to plans for a $550 million new Cuyahoga County Jail which will increase taxes and do nothing to solve the root causes of our issues with poverty, mental health, or substance use. Tell our officials we do not want this costly, unneeded, and unnecessary new county jail.
The Biden administration extended Title 42 again this week. This ensures that for the next 60 days at least, migrants encountered at the border will continue to largely be denied any kind of due process, most of them facing immediate expulsion. Contact your members of Congress and push them to speak out against this policy.
Hundreds of water protectors are currently facing criminal charges in Minnesota for standing in defense of the water, the climate, and the treaty rights of the Anishinaabeg people. Sign this petition asking the governor of Minnesota to drop charges for water protectors at Line 3.
President Biden has taken steps to address some urgent needs in the immigration system, but deportations and expulsions continue. Previous and current administrations have failed in their legal duty to protect the human rights of all migrants, particularly Indigenous peoples. The Biden administration needs to recognize, consult, and directly engage with the leadership of Indigenous and Black migrants.
HR 1574: The Bertha Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act. Today Hondurans need our advocacy, as they fill the streets to fight the theft of public resources by a corrupt regime -- and continue 10 years of nonviolent resistance amidst lethal repression by the state.
We're calling on the US Congress to support and advance HR 1574, the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, to stop weapons and military support to the police and the armed forces of Honduras. We're also calling on members of Congress and the Department of the Treasury to publicly oppose economic aid that goes to extractive projects that threaten the environment. Join us in this important act of solidarity with the Honduran people!