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Fair Trade: News & Updates

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5,087,500 avocados grown by 75 small scale farmers in Michocán, Mexico, supplying 500 food co-ops and grocery stores in the US. Economic impact: $4,532,500 paid to small-scale farmer co-ops. 

32,554,480 bananas grown by 873 small scale famers in Ecuador and Peru, supplying 450 food co-ops and grocery stores in the US. Economic impact: $5,229,063 paid to small-scale farmer co-ops. 

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There is no sustainability if farmers and workers live in poverty. Decent livelihoods are the foundation for farming communities to be able to tackle issues like child labor and deforestation. Fairtrade producers and partners have joined forces to lead the way on living income, living wages, and opportunities for women and young people. Fairtrade International's annual report outlines the challenges facing our global community, our strategy for addressing those challenges and our impact in 2021.

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The FAIR TRADE CAMPAINGNS just launched their most recent newsletter. 

In it, the Fair Trade Campaign tackles topics like the Fair Trade Finals, a program that sends goodie kits with fair trade products to schools for sales, raffles or other end of semester events. 

November is not only known as the month in which the troubling holiday Thanksgiving takes place, it is also Native American Heritage month. The newsletter provides different possibilities to find information about Native American culture, land and the violent history of Thanksgiving.

Last month the annual international Fair Trade Towns Conference took place. A delegation of the Fair Trade Campaigns was invited to Ecuador, to learn about the lives of producers across the region, and ways to support them. Presenters from all over the globe attended the event to build a network for a more fair future.

Besides these events, the newsletter sheds light on the partner Florecal, a farm that sends high quality fair trade roses across the globe, all while making  the most out of their Community Development Funds and providing infrastructure.

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