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US Foreign Military Influence


  • To end US training of Latin American military and other security forces in Central America and Colombia and on US soil.
  • To end the US militarization of humanitarian, economic, environmental and other foreign assistance to Central America & Colombia.
  • To eliminate US military presence in Central America and Colombia, especially long-term presence on military bases. 


  • Organize to close the infamous School of the Americas, located at Ft. Benning, Georgia
  • Educate northeast Ohioans on the US training and equipping of Central American and Colombian militaries.
  • Educate northeast Ohioans of the US military’s presence in Central America and Colombia (and interference in civil society matters.
  • Organize people to speak out against US policy that perpetuates US militarism in Central America and Colombia.
  • Provide northeast Ohioans with opportunities to decrease the level of and impacts of US militarism