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Young Adult Empowerment

IRTF accompanies, empowers and supports youth and young adults to become a new generation of leaders who act to bring about greater peace and justice in our world. Each year, IRTF conducts dozens of workshops in high school and college classrooms, as well as youth groups at local congregations.  IRTF hosts high school and college interns each semester. IRTF works with young people to deepen their understanding of social justice and to take action to promote positive social change.

IRTF’s Young Adult Empowerment Program

  • nurtures and develops leadership skills
  • connects the realities of young people here with those of young people in Latin America
  • empowers young people to educate their peers, family and teachers about justice issues that impact us here and people in other countries
  • develops abilities to investigate, analyze and critique government policies and corporate practices that affect people here and in Latin America
  • fosters an understanding of solidarity and its relation to charity
  • advances a comprehension of the root causes of poverty, suffering and injustice and the inter-connectedness of systems of dominance and exploitation
  • assists young people to apply moral understandings to their everyday choices

Through IRTF, young people are gaining the education and developing the organizing and personal skills to become leaders for social change.