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IRTF Mission and Vision

The InterReligious Task Force on Central America (IRTF) is a Cleveland-based interfaith group that promotes peace and human rights in Central America and Colombia. People of faith and conscience founded IRTF after the 1980 execution of four U.S. church women in El Salvador by U.S.-trained soldiers. (The Cleveland mission team lost Jean Donovan and Sister Dorothy Kazel.)

Carrying on the legacy of these women martyrs, IRTF educates, advocates, and organizes for peace, justice, and human rights for the people of  Central America and Colombia. IRTF engages people in the US in consumer and political advocacy to build long-term structural change in Latin America.  

IRTF mission statement:

IRTF calls together people in the U.S. to walk in solidarity with the oppressed peoples of Central America and Colombia to achieve peace, justice, human rights, and systemic transformation through nonviolence.