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The Rapid Response Network responds to urgent human rights alerts from Colombia, Central America and Southern Mexico. As a result, human rights crimes are brought to light, perpetrators brought to justice, and lives spared. Our voices do make a difference!
Citizens for a Safer Cleveland is a diverse coalition of concerned organizations, activists, and individuals — with the leadership of families who have lost a loved one to police violence — who are coming together to demand real justice and accountability for our families ( After our coalition successfully collected well over the 6,000 signatures required, this initiative will be on the ballot in November 2021 for City of Cleveland voters. While Black and Brown voters know how crucial police accountability is, too often white voters can block progress. At the same time, poor and working-class white neighborhoods are also over-policed, and there is a real chance to build cross-racial solidarity. So at SURJ NEO, we are committed to organizing this fall in Cleveland's majority white neighborhoods to make sure that the initiative passes with broad support. These teams will power that organizing work, and we hope you'll join us!
Take action to urge your Senators to co-sponsor the Honduras Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Act of 2021, introduced on February 23rd by Senator Merkley and 7 other Senators.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an abusive agency with a history of human rights violations dating back to its inception in 2003. Neither Congress nor the courts have been successful in ending these abuses. Sign our petition urging Congress to abolish ICE today.
HR 1574: The Bertha Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act. Today Hondurans need our advocacy, as they fill the streets to fight the theft of public resources by a corrupt regime -- and continue 10 years of nonviolent resistance amidst lethal repression by the state.