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Central America Travel Seminar to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

Friday, November 1, 2019

Feb 17-28, 2020

Central American Migrant Trails: Exploring the Journeys to and from the United States and Why We Must Act

This is an opportunity to understand firsthand the immigration context we are facing in the US and why our Central American brothers and sisters take the risk of embarking on this dangerous journey. We will explore other potential and actual consequences of US policies, such as mass deportation, and how that is impacting the lives of the returned migrants, their families, communities and nations. The seminar will take us to the Northern Triangle:  Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras.

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Contact the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program staff at or by calling 888-728-7228 x 5805.

If you are traveling from Ohio, contact or call 216-961-0003