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CIS - Saint Oscar Romero 40th Anniversary Delegation - Application Deadline

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Saint Romero: Solidarity and the Struggle for Social Justice in El Salvador today, Program will include:

  • Romero Vigil and processions Saturday, March 22 and March 24
  • Visit Romero’s home and the chapel where he gave his life and Cathedral and tomb of Saint Romero
  • Visit women imprisoned for stillbirths and obstetric emergencies, accused of abortion, and women who have been released due to organization and solidarity.
  • Visit Romero and Paso Puente Communities and learn of their struggle for social inclusion after living years in squalor conditions – no water, plumbing, shacks made of plastic, tin and old bed springs, rampant illiteracy, discrimination by authorities, and injustice. Learn of the difference solidarity and working as partners with mutual respect can make.
  • Visit women empowered through CIS small business program /formerly SEW
  • Analysis:   the roots of violence and migration; the struggle for water as a human right, impact, and strategies of the new government of Nayib Bukele in El Salvador.  


Travel: You are responsible for arranging and paying for your flight.

Arrival:   by Thursday, March 19 midday

Departure:   Any time on Thursday, March 26


  • $700 per person in shared room (3-5 persons)
  • $800 per person in shared double room
  • $900 per person for single room

Costs include all in-country costs March 19-25: in-country transportation, to and from airport on designated dates, all meals starting lunch on March 19 and ending with breakfast March 26, 8 nights in the hotel, program, translation/guide.

Costs do not include airfare or additional hotel, food, transport outside of delegation dates.   If a delegate arrives before or leaves after designated dates, CIS can arrange extra nights in hotel and/or taxi service to and from the airport. Hotel nights are approximately $30 per night and taxi ride to or from the airport is approximately $28.  

Applications are due by January 18 through an online google form, which IRTF will then pass on to CIS:

Payment is due later, after your application is accepted. IRTF can give you info on how to make your payment to CIS, for more information:

Flights: It is better to arrange that yourself. We can tell you what flight most Cleveland delegation participants will be on. 

For more information on CIS as an organization, please feel free to visit their webpage: