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Cleveland International Film Festival: A Woman Captured

Monday, April 9, 2018 to Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Monday- 2:15pm Tuesday- 8:45pm
Tower City Cinemas, 230 W Huron Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

Marish has been kept as a domestic slave in Eta’s house for over a decade. In addition to working tirelessly to complete all of the household tasks without any days off, Marish works full time in a factory and is obligated to give Eta every cent she earns. Marish often goes days without food or sleep, and she can’t go anywhere or do anything without permission. Eta and her family inflict verbal and physical abuse on the woman who washes their clothes and prepares their meals, seemingly taking pleasure in making Marish miserable and terrified. With no one to turn to, Marish quietly endures this appalling treatment until the close bond she forms with the film’s director inspires her to finally escape. Forms of modern day slavery exist all over the world, hidden in the shadows. A WOMAN CAPTURED documents and exposes one of these heart-wrenching true stories with compassion and courage. As Marish herself says, “If you manage to screen it just once, a few people might realize… that everyone deserves respect, even those who have lost everything.” (In Hungarian with subtitles) —G.S.

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