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Cleveland says NO WAR on Venezuela

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Market Square, corner of W 25th and Lorain Ave., Cleveland

From No War on Venezuela:

For hundreds of years, the U.S. has waged war against the people of the world through coups, invasions, and economic warfare.

U.S.-led sanctions and currency manipulation are responsible for the suffering in Venezuela. Right-wing legislators and media guide the Venezuelan opposition.  Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world and is rich in gold and other mineral wealth. Iraq war architect John Bolton said that regime change in Venezuela would be a tremendous opportunity to gain more profits for Wall Street.

We cannot be silent in the face of the latest U.S. aggression against the Venezuelan people. Nicolás Maduro is the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, chosen twice by the people as part of an internationally observed electoral process. Since the 1998 election of Hugo Chávez, the United States has been relentless in its pursuit of regime change in Venezuela. Today, these efforts have escalated to threats of all-out military violence, the plundering of billions of dollars in wealth from the Venezuelan people and pushing a multitude of outrageous lies in the global media.

Saturday, Feb 23, 2019

12:30pm picket line at Voss Industries, 2168 W 25th St,  a military contractor, subsidiary of Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing, LLC, that manufactures parts for war drones

1pm - march to Market Square

1:15-2pm - rally at Market Square

Cleveland Says NO WAR on Venezuela is organized by a local chapter of the International Action Center. Endorsed by groups including Cleveland Peace Action, InterReligious Task Force on Central America 

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