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Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia

Friday, September 20, 2019 to Monday, September 23, 2019

A place of diverse peoples, cultures and ecology, Colombia is tragically also home to the longest running internal armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere.

Colombia’s faith communities stand firmly for peace amidst grueling violence. Now they ask faith communities across the U.S. to join them in this year's Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia (DOPA). Hundreds of faith communities will dedicate part of their worship service that weekend to praying and working for peace in Colombia.

September 20-23 are days of solidarity and prayer with brothers and sisters in Colombia. We want to lift up those who are working for peace today and for the peace accords of tomorrow.

ADVOCATE – Colombia’s crucial peace process is under attack, so we will offer resources for how to advocate with the UN, in the US, and in Colombia.

CREATE - With friends, family, Sunday school classes, or other groups, gather to show your personal and collective commitment to peace in Colombia. Share photos or short videos on the Facebook page. #DOPA2019

DEDICATE - Commit to including prayers for peace in Colombia in your worship service.

#DOPA2019 “Pactemos la paz”

“When I visited Colombia last year, I realized how beautiful this country is. Colombia is rich in culture and natural resources. I admired the work of local churches and community leaders who find ways to respond to the humanitarian crisis caused by decades of armed conflict… In accordance to our 24th General Synod, we call our churches to support the humanitarian and peace work of our Colombian brothers and sisters. Days of Prayer and Action is a great way to get involved. Engage your faith community in this important event for peace in Colombia”. Rev. Mike Neuroth, United Church of Christ, Cleveland, OH

Learn about some faith communities' solidarity initiatives with the people of Colombia:


Disciples of Christ



Roman Catholic

United Church of Christ

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