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Equal Exchange: Member Meeting and more

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
via Zoom

Please register for our next monthly Member Meeting happening on Tuesday, April 12th at 7:00pm Eastern. 

Member meetings offer a wonderful opportunity to gather as a community and continue to advance our shared alternative trade work.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the fragility of conventional supply chains and brought attention to how many different types of goods actually arrive to the end consumer.

At the April meeting, we'll be exploring alternative trade in contrast to conventional supply chains and trade dynamics in four key areas:

  • reducing cost versus a commitment to paying more
  • minimizing risk versus taking risks together with trade partners
  • increasing monopolistic control versus building decentralized democratic trade networks
  • commodifying economic relations versus building human-centered systems and economic relationships

These four themes were explored by Rink Dickinson in the last president's letter to Citizen-Consumers. If you haven't already read it, check out the full letter here: Equal Exchange's Radical Model: Building Democratic Trade Networks in Contrast to Conventional Supply Chains

We look forward to a rich discussion with you all at the upcoming meeting! 

Citizen-Consumer Monthly Member Meeting

Tuesday, April 12th on Zoom
7:00pm Eastern | 6:00pm Central | 4:00pm Pacific

Now is a great time to get involved! 


Upcoming Events

  • Apr 7, Coffee, COVID & Climate: An Update from Santiago Paz
    Join us for a conversation with Santiago Paz Lopez, Export Manager of Coop Norandino in Peru, and learn more about the current reality for coffee farmers enduring the pandemic as well as ongoing challenges with the climate crisis.

  • May 3, Equal Exchange: How It All Began
    As we celebrate our 36th anniversary, join Rink Dickinson (Equal Exchange co-founder and president) and friends, for a look at Equal Exchange’s radical history and how the lessons from the past can help us build a stronger alternative trade organization for the future. 

  • May 24, New Member Orientation
    Join us for our next new member orientation to meet the organizing team, learn more about Equal Exchange, and get involved in the citizen-consumer community
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