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Immigrant Detainee Support: Bond Reduction Training

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
IRTF, 3606 Bridge Ave, Cleveland OH 44113


Bond reduction training to support immigrant detainees.
This training is only for people who are fluent in both Spanish and English.

For immigrant detainees to get released from detention, they need a sponsor and they need a reduction of (or waiver of) their bond, typically set at more than $10,000.

At this training, volunteers will learn how to prepare the documents that the immigrant detainee* needs to present at his/her bond hearing before the immigration judge, including:

-letter of support from the sponsor

-official photo ID of the sponsor and proof of legal immigration status

-proof of sponsor’s address

-letters of support from family, employer, friends (and proof of their identities)

-evidence of immigrant detainees’ ties to the community

-evidence of any difficulties faced by the immigrant detainee while in detention

-evidence of any property owned by the immigrant detainee

-evidence of rehabilitation (if applicable)

*all documents must include the immigrant detainees’ name and A#

The work of the trained volunteers will be to talk with potential sponsors (perhaps a Spanish-speaking relative of the immigrant or an English-speaking member of the community) and gather required documents in preparation for the immigrant's bond reduction hearing before an immigration judge. 

Training by members of NODS (Northern Ohio Detention Support Network)