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IRTF Events Calendar

10:00 AM
Washington DC

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is calling on people of moral conscience to join us on June 29th in the nation’s capital to uplift and center the needs of the over 135 million poor and low-wage people and workers across the country.

The June 29th Mass Poor People’s & Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly and Moral March on Washington D.C. & to the Polls will launch outreach to 15 million poor and low-wage infrequent voters ahead of the 2024 U.S. elections and beyond.

800 people die each day from poverty and low wealth. This is an unacceptable and abolishable reality. Our votes are demands.

We demand that those running for office commit to enacting our 17-Point Agenda, which includes living wages, voting rights, and other essential policies that lift from the bottom.#

RSVP today to join other UCC advocates on June 29th in Washington, D.C. for the “Mass Poor People’s & Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly & Moral March on Washington D.C. & to the Polls.”

July 6, 2024: CPT SUMMER READING CIRCLE: Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the foundations of a movement
July 6, 13, 20, 27 at 10 AM CT

Register: CPT Summer Reading Circle | Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

Let’s read together Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the foundations of a movement by Angela Davis

‘Freedom is a Constant Struggle’ is a compilation of speeches and essays by feminist scholar and political activist Angela Davis. As a prison abolitionist and Black woman in the United States, Davis leans into an intersectional understanding of movement organizing and guides her work by pulling together several global struggles including Ferguson and the Black liberation movement alongside Palestine and the anti-colonial movement. In the book’s forward, Dr. Cornel West attests that “her ubiquitous lecturing, marvelous teaching, and courageous solidarity in every corner of the globe keep candles of hope burning in the cold and chilling days of neoliberal hegemony.” 

Join us for conversation of hope in our summer reading circle, as we move through the book over the course of four weeks and learn from each other through response and discussion that stems from the text.  

Purchase a hard copy at your local bookstore, lend from your local library, purchase online, or view an online PDF.


Saturday 6 July 10am CT

Chapter 1: Progressive Struggles against Insidious Capitalist Individualism
Chapter 2: Ferguson Reminds Us of the Importance of a Global Context
Chapter 3: We have to Talk about Systemic Change

Saturday 13 July 10am CT

Chapter 4: On Palestine, G4S, and the Prison-Industrial Complex
Chapter 5: Closures and Continuities
Chapter 6: From Michael Brown to Assata Shakur, the Racist State of America Persists

Saturday 20 July 10am CT

Chapter 7: The Truth Telling Project: Violence in America
Chapter 8: Feminism and Abolition: Theories and Practices for Twenty-First Century

Saturday 27 July 10am CT

Chapter 9: Political Activism and Protest from the 1960s to the Age of Obama
Chapter 10: Transnational Solidarities

August 1, 2024 to August 10, 2024: Honduras delegation: Root Causes of Migration

This delegation will  focus on US-backed militarism in Honduras and its negative impact on communities struggling against the climate crisis by contextualizing the root causes of climate migration. Delegates will learn directly from frontline communities and organizations centering the experiences of Indigenous and campesino people who are witnesses and victims of hyper-militarism and who are at risk of being displaced because of climate aggravation. This delegation intends to spread awareness of how militarism exacerbates the climate crisiss which harms the living conditions of Indigenous and campesino communities. Climate and anti-war activists are strongly encouraged to apply, as well as students interested in global human rights and climate migration.

Delegation Fee: $2,000 fee + airfare (sliding scale range available for request on application

Delegation fee covers all meals, lodging, transportation, interpretation, and reading and activist tools

Sliding Scale: $1,000-$2,500+

The delegation fee covers all in-country expenses (lodging, travel, meals, interpretation, etc.) along with pre-travel resources, reading lists, and support. The delegation fee also covers our international team’s expenses for delegation preparation and coordination. Any amount paid over the delegation fee will go to support delegation scholarship and sliding scales, helping to ensure the delegations are more accessible to everyone. A delegation payment of $2,000 or more is ideal to cover all of your expenses and the broader delegation needs-- please pay this amount if you have institutional support or other financial resources. 

Application and $300 deposit due May 1st, 2024

The remaining balance, due June 15th, 2024

​Vaccination Policy: We require that all delegates be fully vaccinated and we ask that you please get your booster shot. Read our full vaccination policy here

​Refund policy: Read our full refund policy here

September 20, 2024 to September 22, 2024: #NoWar2024 Conference: Resisting the USA’s Military Empire

Register for #NoWar2024 - World BEYOND War

A global 3-day conference, streamed virtually, with in-person events in Sydney, Australia; Wanfried, Germany; Bogotá, Colombia; and Washington, DC, U.S.

Ending all wars means closing all military bases. The United States of America, unlike any other nation, maintains a massive network of foreign military bases around the world, over 900 bases in more than 90 countries and territories.

These bases are costly in a number of ways: financially, politically, socially, and environmentally. U.S. bases in foreign lands often raise geopolitical tensions, support undemocratic regimes, and serve as a recruiting tool for militant groups opposed to the U.S. presence and the governments its presence bolsters. In other cases, foreign bases are being used and have made it easier for the United States to launch and execute disastrous wars, including those in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. Across the political spectrum and even within the U.S. military there is growing recognition that many overseas bases should have been closed decades ago, but bureaucratic inertia and misguided political interests have kept them open.

Join us virtually – or in-person in Australia, Germany, Colombia, and the U.S. – for the 3-day #NoWar2024 Conference to learn about the impact of the USA’s military base empire and how to resist it. The conference will travel virtually across the globe, visiting sites near U.S. military bases, from Australia, to Germany, to Colombia, with the concluding event in Washington, DC, the heart of the U.S. military base empire.