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US Intervention and Popular Resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Sunday, October 4, 2020


IRTF is proud to be a member of the Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN)

HSN member organization, Task Force on the Americas is holding this webinar on October 4, 2020 in which Karen Spring, HSN coordinator in Honduras, will be speaking along with other excellent activist/experts on Latin American struggles and resistance. 

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US Intervention and Popular Resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Sun, Oct 4   7pm Eastern Time

 this informative webinar with four experts speaking on


Karen Spring has lived in Honduras for many years and is married to Honduran activist and political prisoner Edwin Espinal. Karen is author of the AquiAbajo blog and one of the foremost human rights campaigners, exposing the reality of Honduras since the 2009 coup.



Nan McCurdy, a United Methodist missionary, first moved to Nicaragua in 1985. Nan is editor and writer of NicaNotes, During the war in Nicaragua, Nan accompanied people in the war zone. After the war, she assisted in the creation of the Foundation for Nicaraguan War Victims.



Pierre Labossiere was born in Haiti and came to the USA as a teenager with his family. He co-founded Haiti Action Committee and Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. Pierre writes for Haiti Solidarity and has close connections with key movement leaders.



Ricardo Vaz is an international journalist now reporting from Venezuela under siege by the US. Ricardo is based in Merida and is a political analyst and editor at Venezuelanalysis, an independent English language website.


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Everyone is welcome at this free information packed webinar with speakers direct from Nicaragua, Venezuela and Honduras. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Task Force on the Americas (Marin, CA) deeply regrets that we cannot enjoy our usual annual dinner this year, where our solidarity community traditionally comes together. But join us at the webinar!