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Fair Trade Congregation

It only takes one person to get started:


A Fair Trade Congregation uses its powers to incorporate fair trade into their social teachings and advocate for global solidarity. These congregations include any church, synagogue, mosque, temple, diocese or other group joining the fight for fairer terms of trade by deepening their commitment to economic, social and environmental justice.


As leaders in the community it is important to align your place of worship's purchases with their values. Congregations can help drive awareness and understanding of fair trade into the spiritual and community fabric. Fair trade is a simple way to make a big change with your outreach. Farmers are given market-based tools to lift themselves out of poverty instead of just relying on aid.  It is a way for your congregation to strive to always act ethically and value relationships built on honesty, mutual respect and trust. 


  • Use faith specific resources to cater specifically to your congregation.
  • Serve fair trade products in your congregation’s social gatherings
  • Incorporate fair trade products into any pre-existing events


Visit the Fair Trade Congregations section at Fair Trade Campaigns to learn more about getting your own community involved.


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