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Fair Trade Town

It only takes one person to get started:


A Fair Trade Town is any community in which people and organizations use their everyday choices to increase sales of fair trade products and bring about positive change for farmers and workers in developing countries. A fair trade community for example can be a town, city, village, island, borough, county, zone, district or region that works to widely increase the awareness, availability and use of fair trade products. The program is designed to bring people together to send a collective message by being leaders in sustainability and global solidarity.


The people who grow the food we take for granted can’t always feed their own families, but through fair trade we can harness support for farmers and workers to put food on the table for their families. As a smaller community we still have the ability to fight for the larger global community every single day. Workplaces are increasingly looking for ways in which they can be involved in improving the world and selling fair trade products in-house is the perfect step.


  • Build a Team
  • Reach Out to Retailers. Here is a sample retail outreach letter.
  • Engage Community Organizations
  • Engage Local Government: Demonstrate how Fair Trade is positive for business within the community
  • Encourage your workplace or favorite cafe to purchase Fair Trade products (Coffee,tea,etc.)


Visit the Fair Trade Towns section on to learn more about getting your own community involved.


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