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Honduras - 12/31/18

Honduras - case summaries 2018


Jan 22   violent crackdown by Honduran military against TV journalists covering Opposition Alliance demonstration in Tegucigalpa; injured: Cesar Silva, Rony Martinez,Pedro Amador, Claudia Mendoza. Congressional representative Jari Dixon also beaten.

Jan 24    repressive actions by state security forces against pro-democracy demonstrators. Beaten: Diego Aguilar López and Wilmer Paredes (killed 2 weeks later) of MADJ (Broad Movement for Justice and Dignity). Public smear campaign against MADJ members Martín and Víctor Fernández, social activists Karina Flores and Araminta Pereira, and Jesuit priest Fr. Ismael Moreno Coto (Radio Progreso).

Jan 25    assassination of TV reporter Igor Abisaí Padilla Chávez by four unidentified assailants in San Pedro Sula, Cortés Department

Feb 11    false criminal charges against human rights defender Edwin Robelo Espinal, now in pre-trial detention in a high security prison for up to two years

Mar 21    continued detention of human rights defender Edwin Robelo Espinal, detained in military-run maximum security prison under horrific conditions

Mar 22    assassination of Luis Fernando Ayala, age 16, active in the Environmental Movement of Santa Bárbara Department (MAS), whose mutilated body was found with his hands missing and multiple signs of torture.

Apr 25    assassination of lawyer Carlos Hernández, who was providing legal defense to the organized resistance in Atlántida Department against the Río Jimalito hydroelectric project, being constructed by Generación Eléctrica (INGELSA)

May 24   use of tear gas and other force by hundreds of police and joint military-police special forces to displace the Encampment for Dignity, Life, and Water, which is organizing to block the Los Planes/Hidrocep hydroelectric dam from being constructed along the Mezapa River in Pajuiles, Atlántida Department.

Jul 24     residents along the Mezapa River in Atlántida Dept. suffering health consequences of contaminated water caused by the construction of the Hidrocep hydroelectric dam, opposed by the Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ)

Jul 26      police attacks on journalists Nincy Perdomo, Javier Edgardo Rodrígues, and Mai Ling Coto, reporting on issues such as opposition marches

Sep 22   attack by police on Radio Progreso journalist Inmer Gerardo Chévez, while reporting on a student protest

Sep 26    harassment and smear campaign against journalist Nina Lakhani, reporting on links between military intelligence officers and the men on trial for the assassination of environmental defender Berta Cáceres.

Oct 23    false criminal charges against 18 members of the environmental and territorial rights organization Encampment for Life in Colón Department, including: Juan López, Reinaldo Domínguez, Juana Esquivel, Orbin Hernández, Carlos Leonel George, Miriam Yaneth Mejía Cruz, Lourdes Elizabeth Gómez Rosas

Oct 26    kidnapping and beating of Ians Rivera, member of the Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ), and the police arrest, beating, and detention of 17-year-old MADJ member Fredy Molina

Nov 11   violent eviction by Army and Cobras special forces of the Encampment for Life, an environmental and territorial rights organization in Colón Department

Nov 23   attacks by Army and police on journalists at the eviction of the Encampment for Life in Colón: Rigoberto Mendoza, Osmán Corea, Vitalino Álvarez and Erick Mendoza (Comunicaciones Mendoza); Jhony Castillo (Canal 5), Wenceslao Canales (Canal 29); Donaldo Domínguez and César Obando (Radio Progreso); and Miguel Dubón (Radio Globo).

Nov 26    media smear campaign against Juana Esquivel, director of the Fundación San Alonso Rodriguez, which supports the environmental rights organization Encampment for Life in Colón Department

Dec 26    criminalization and judicial harassment of Juana Carranza of the Reyes Rodríguez Arévalo Campesina Cooperative, affiliated with the National Field Workers Office (CNTC) in El Progreso, Yoro Department.