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RRN Fall 2019 - urgent human rights cases

RRN case summaries at a glance

Human Rights Cases at a Glance:

Summary of letters written by IRTF in response to urgent human rightsabuses

On behalf of our 190 Rapid Response Network members, IRTF volunteers wrote and sent six letters each month to government officials in these countries, with copies to officials in the US.  See the letters at or ask us to mail you hard copies.

By signing our names to these crucial letters, human rights crimes are brought to light, perpetrators are brought to justice and lives are spared. Our solidarity is more important than ever. Together, our voices do make a difference.


Trends in Fall 2019


targets: indigenous and Afro-descendant leaders, labor organizers and trade unionists, former FARC members active in reintegration into civilian society (as designated by the 2016 Peace Accords), journalists, national strike participants, and environmental and land rights defenders



targets: journalists, women’s and reproductive rights defenders



targets: indigenous communities (their allies, their lawyers) defending land, environmental, and cultural rights in opposition to hydroelectric, mining, and other mega-development projects



targets: journalists, protesters in the street and those monitoring protests, indigenous communities (plus their allies, their lawyers) organizing resistance to mega-development projects, labor movement and union leaders


MEXICO (in the southern, mostly indigenous states)

targets: indigenous and environmental defenders