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Rapid Response Network

RRN’s team of letter-writers responds to six urgent human rights cases each month to

  1. protect people living under threat
  2. demand investigations into human rights crimes
  3. bring human rights criminals to justice
  4. ensure that human rights crimes are not happening in the dark.

Save a life. Demand justice. Join the RRN!

News Article

More than a month after being forcibly and unlawfully evicted, campesino landowners in the Bajo Aguán region of Honduras regained possession of their lands. This is only the latest in repeated attacks on rightfully held land at the hands of corrupt judicial authorities working in the interests of large agribusiness and mining companies. That the campesino landowners will now be able to return home, is a huge victory. The recent election of Xiomara Castro has given many of our partners and Honduran society reason for hope as a step towards accountability and real democratic change for the first time in the years since the 2009 coup. However, President Castro is already facing significant challenges and political conflict within her own party.