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Sign the Petition to Free Bernardo Caal Xol

We ask the Guatemalan government to put a stop to the oppression of Indigenous people’s voices and human rights.

Bernardo Caal Xol, Q’eqchi’ leader and human rights advocate, was wrongfully arrested on January 30th of 2018.

He spoke out against the illegal construction of hydroelectric dams on rivers built without the consent of the indigenous communities who depend on the rivers. After organizing nonviolent movements in defense of the Oxec River,, Bernardo was ambushed by undercover Special Criminal Investigation Directorate (DEIC) agents and arrested under fraudulent charges. He was not permitted to be released under bail, but continues to write letters from jail.

In the past month, 10 Guatemalan indigenous leaders have been assassinated and many more have been arrested in the same unjust way.

Join us in asking not only that Bernardo Caal Xol be freed, but the Guatemalan government put an end to judicial repression and the contempt shown toward indigenous people.

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