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Colombia: News & Updates

Colombia has the world’s second largest population of internally displaced persons (five million) due to the half-century internal armed conflict—the longest-running war in the Western Hemisphere (since 1964). Control for territory and popular support among the three main groups (left-wing rebel forces FARC & ELN, right-wing paramilitaries, Colombian police/military) has left 220,000 killed, 75% of them non-combatants.  Since 2000, the US has exacerbated the violence by sending more than $9 billion in mostly military assistance. Colombia, which has both Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, holds strategic interest for the US for global trade and military posturing.


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A 14-year old told us she was taking care of a 4-year old who had been placed in her cell with no relatives. "I take her to the bathroom, give her my extra food if she is hungry, and tell people to leave her alone if they are bothering her," she said.

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Great news concerning the HIV criminalization constitutional challenge in Colombia, in part driven by the attendees from Colombia at HIV is Not a Crime in Indianapolis last summer. All of you who attended HINAC3 and helped interest, educate and inspire the two human rights attorneys from Colombia who were in attendance, courtesy of HIV Justice Worldwide, should take some pride in this victory.
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State convicted for “the worst massacre” in the history of Colombia’s armed conflict

A court sentenced Colombia’s state to repair survivors of the 2000 paramilitary massacre of El Salado for its responsibility in arguably the bloodiest massacre committed during the armed conflict.