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750+ march on Wendy’s headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, as ‘Now Is the Time Tour’ lets Wendy’s know Ohio is Fair Food territory

The Fair Food Program (FFP) consists of a wage increase through paying an additional penny per pound and require a human rights-based Code of Conduct to be implemented on the farms that grow their tomatoes. Not only does the FFP make a substantial difference for workers’ wages but it transforms the labor environment in Florida’s fields into a workplace rooted in mutual respect and basic dignity for farmworkers.
Mar 10 – …over 750 marchers — including farmworkers from CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers in Florida), allies from around the east coast and the Midwest, and, most importantly, hundreds of Ohioans — declared Ohio a Fair Food state with an epic march on Wendy’s corporate headquarters that won the hearts of the people of Dublin with its irrepressible exuberance, remarkable diversity, and urgent message of justice…
The rally was a mix of music, CIW theater, and rousing messages from student, faith, and community allies that left no doubt whatsoever that Ohio had joined the battle to bring Wendy’s into the 21st century, into the Fair Food Program…
IRTF organized a contingent of 19 people (and were joined by 6 students from John Carroll U) to join the march and rally and show Cleveland’s support for the CIW and the Fair Food Program. IRTF’s human rights mission includes shining a light on economic injustice and working to transform that into a system that upholds justice and human dignity.