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Breaking news: Indictment in Ixil genocide case

In the third case seeking justice for genocide on behalf of the Maya Ixil people, three high-ranking military officials, retired Colonel César Octavio Noguera Arguetaretired General Manuel Callejas y Callejas, and retired General Benedicto Lucas García have been indicted on charges including genocide, crimes against humanity, and forced disappearance. Callejas y Callejas and Lucas Garcia are both School of the Americas graduates. 

This is the first judicial process to try the high command of Fernando Romeo Lucas García’s military dictatorship for genocide. The present case involves 31 massacres in which 1,128 people were killed; the destruction of 23 villages; 97 selective killings; 117 deaths due to forced displacement; 26 cases of sexual violence; and 53 cases of forced disappearance. The Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) awaits justice for this case since they first filed formal charges in this case in 2000. 

"The legal final result [of this case] is uncertain in a country of impunity [like Guatemala], but the survivors can already be at peace because we are fulfilling our obligation to those who were unjustly executed, and to our future generations who will receive a legacy of struggle and resistance."
-Survivor and member of the AJR, Ixcán region