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El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras: Take action to stop US-sponsored military repression


Please join us by taking action today to cut military funding to Central America!

We need as many congresspersons as possible to co-sponsor this amendment. Just enter your information to make a quick call or send an email to your US rep today!


Several days ago, Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would withhold U.S. pentagon funding for military training and equipment for security forces in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Will you contact your elected officials to encourage them to support this amendment?

Take action here!

Throughout history, members of civil society and, in particular, Indigenous Maya, Xinka, and Garífuna communities are detrimentally impacted by senseless military funding from the U.S. government. This type of funding leads to the training and militarization of local police forces, violent repression of protest movements, and surveillance and criminalization of migrants throughout the region. We need as many representatives as possible to show their support by co-sponsoring this amendment before MONDAY when voting may begin. Thanks for taking action with us!

In solidarity,

CISPES, Honduras Solidarity Network, IRTF, NISGUA, SOA Watch, Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective and other Latin America solidarity organizations

More background: 

U.S. economic “development aid” is intended to create a hospitable environment for transnational corporations, prioritizing corporate profits and natural resource extraction. When Black, Indigenous and campesino community leaders organize to resist these projects, they are often met with the violence of police and military that receive equipment and training from the United States.

In Guatemala, Indigenous and marginalized communities are being dispossessed of their lands, fleeing economic inequality and state violence. In El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele uses the police and military to consolidate power, colluding with them to intimidate his opposition and downplay femicide and disappearances. In Honduras, U.S.-backed economic devastation and state repression have raged for a decade following the coup in 2009.

It is urgent that we push back against the Biden Administration’s plans to promote more of the same under the guise of addressing the “root causes of migration.”

Join us in saying YA BASTA//NO MORE to U.S. police and military funding to the repressive governments of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and to "development" policies that promote climate change, privatize natural resources and public services, violate workers' rights, and destroy Indigenous and communal lands.