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El Salvador: Salvadorans Take Part in 'The Inverse Caravan'

Source: teleSUR

Author(s): Alejandro Gutman and Nayib Bukele

On Saturday, the Forever Foundation led an "Inverse Caravan" to ratify the willingness of its participants to stay in this Central American nation. It moved from the country's western border to San Salvador City's downtown.

The march was meant to represent the young Salvadorans who choose to remain in their country despite the difficult situation they are going through.

"This reverse caravan symbolizes the desire of millions of Salvadorans who want to stay in the country," the Forever Foundation said, adding that integration projects are needed to generate real exits from poverty.

The participants in the march also expressed that a real change in the Salvadoran economic structures will not happen if President Nayib Bukele continues with his current policies.

The Inverse Caravan organizers highlighted that migration flows would decrease if there were greater educational opportunities for young people. More specifically, they asked the Bukele administration, corporations, and social organizations to work together to increase the levels of employment and education in El Salvador.

"If we want young people to stay in the country, then let's join forces to support development projects and making young people become replicators of their experience in their communities," the Forever Foundation Chairman Alejandro Gutman said.

During the last two decades, this NGO has awarded scholarships to young Salvadorans so that they can get university degrees and better jobs.