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El Salvador: Search warrant to search the premises of 7 Salvadoran NGOs

Source: U.S. - El Salvador Sister Cities

Author: Mario Guevara

U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Jean Manes said today on local television that she will be returning to the U.S. and that relations between El Salvador and the United States are temporarily on hold “due to the Salvadoran government’s apparent lack of interest in dialogue” after several meetings where they wanted to verify whether the Salvadoran government wanted to continue on an “anti-democratic path“. A few hours later, the District Attorney’s Office and national police raided seven NGOs with a search warrant signed by Haydee Flores, one of the newly-appointed judges and former wife of appointed General Attorney.

According to the warrant, these organizations are being investigated on charges of embezzlement. This investigation started months ago when many of their representatives were called to give testimony to the commision created by the Legislative Assembly, after enduring several public attacks by Nuevas Ideas representatives. This is yet another blow for critical NGOs that were still pondering how their situation will change if the “Foreign Agents Law” proposed by the Presidency is approved.