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Environmental Human Rights: Guapinol Defender Surveilled, Persecuted by National Police

news source: ImDefensoras


from National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras -

On Saturday, September 11, patrols of the Honduran National Police entered the Guapinol community three times on a patrol mission, as they themselves stated.

On two occasions, they went to the house of the Guapinol river defender Juana Ramona Zúñiga, asked for “Monchita” and told her that they had been ordered to pass by her house as a measure of her safety by the National Mechanism for the protection of Human Rights. , but when asked about this action that the defender has not requested, the institution denied such request.

When we contacted members of the Police, they expressed that a neighbor had told them that "Monchita" needed protection and that is why they came to her house. According to these police elements, they were sent by the Tocoa police.

We warn about this irregular action and not authorized or requested by the defender or her organization. Once again we add this act to the harassment and surveillance that the police exert on the Guapinol community and on Juana Ramona and her daughters, in particular. It should be noted that members of the Police took photos of the defender and her home.

The National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders holds the State of Honduras responsible for any aggression against the defender. We call on all organizations to be alert and join Monchi and his legitimate and courageous fight.