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Exploited Labor: Azucar Amarga/Bitter Sugar

source: Voices on the Border

The Azúcar Amarga AKA "Bitter Sugar" campaign is an effort that involves 5 civil society organizations, all seeking to visibilize and denounce the harmful impacts caused by sugarcane monoculture. VOICES was invited to participate in 2021 because of its experience on the subject and because we work in one of the regions most affected by this monoculture. 

In 2022, the impact of sugarcane monoculture became more evident and public opinion has increased in opposition to this agribusiness and favor of the demands of the affected communities. During 2022, we became increasingly involved in advocacy actions and educational processes to raise awareness and call for respect for the right to health and a healthy environment.

These efforts led the Ministry of the Environment to create a Working Group spearheaded by representatives of Azúcar Amarga, with the intention of further analyzing the problem and defining a roadmap for implementing measures to prevent pollution and environmental deterioration caused by sugarcane crops.

Watch the video here