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Exploited Labor: Contractors Building U.S. Embassy in Honduras Allege Labor Abuses

More than 900 construction workers in Honduras building a new U.S. embassy went on strike on Wednesday and Thursday to demand fair treatment. 

The contractor, B.L. Harbert, was previously accused of underpaying and abusing workers who built U.S. embassies in Ghana and Namibia. 

The workers in Honduras say they were forced to sign illegal labor contracts that do not protect them from work injuries, according to HCH. The workers are also asking for permanent contracts. Some were made to sign hourly contracts, which is also illegal, according to Radio America. 

Adrienne Pine, a medical anthropologist in Honduras, says workers pay for their own health insurance, are fined if they miss a day of work regardless of the reason, and are supplied with rotten food for lunch. Those injured on the job have not been given any sick leave or compensation. 

Adrienne Pine continues to cover the protests by the workers building the new US embassy. "Workers tell me ~6 workers have been summarily fired after their fingers were amputated. No severance pay, no healthcare." Read more here