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#FreeThemAll #AllEyesOnICE: End Immigrant Detention and Mass Incarceration in Ohio


#FreeThemAll  #AllEyesOnICE


Read Courting Catastrophe: How ICE Is Gambling with Immigrant Lives Amid a Global Pandemic

See Toolkit to Support Local Demands for Mass Release of People in ICE Custody

Conditions are particularly alarming at the Morrow County Jail

The Seneca County Sheriff must take action now!

The United States is grossly obsessed with incarceration. Whether called “detention center,” “facility,” jail,” or “prison,” these systems share the same unjust design: to incarcerate black, brown and working class people and strip them of their dignity. Support this urgent call to save the lives of thousands locked up in our county and city jails, state prisons, and in immigration detention. We must end mass incarceration. This is literally a matter of life and death!

Immigrants in Detention in Ohio

Did you know that the sheriffs of four counties in Ohio are holding ICE immigrant detainees? Local governments are doing the dirty work of the feds in Butler, Geauga, Morrow, and Seneca County Jails. Unjust and insane!

Thousands of doctors have spoken out on the need to IMMEDIATELY release detainees in ICE custody.

We must demand that our public health departments wake up and echo this urgent call. Immigrant detainees are so desperate that some have gone on hunger strikes, knowingly weakening their immune systems. Lives are in jeopardy as COVID-19 continues to spread.




BUTLER @ButlerSheriff 513-785-1300 @ButlerCountySO

GEAUGA @GeaugaSheriff 440-279-2058 @hildenbrandforsheriff

MORROW @MorrowCountyHD 419-946-4444 @MorrowCountySheriffsOffice

SENECA @SenecaCountyOH 419-447-3456 #SenecaCountySheriffsOffice



1- immediately break all contracts with ICE. Release all immigrant detainees in Ohio.

2- Release all those charged with low-level and nonviolent offenses from jails and prisons.

3- Guarantee safe health practices and care for anyone who remains behind bars.



1-833-427-5634 Press 0



Urge him to pressure the county sheriffs to break their contracts with ICE and release all immigrant detainees across Ohio.


See the interactive map of immigrant prisons across the US: