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Migrant Justice: Ultimate Jet Charters, an Ohio airline, played role in DeSantis' political stunt, flew migrants to Martha's Vineyard

50 migrants flown to Martha's Vineyard by Gov DeSantis and an Akron, OH, private charter airline

source: Immigration Working Group CLE

 The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that Ultimate Jet Charters, a company based in Summit County, OH,  played an instrumental role in a depraved political stunt by Florida Gov. DeSantis. The charter airline flew dozens of people seeking asylum to Martha's Vineyard and left them there, stranded. In this video, lawyer Rachel Self talks about the ways people were tricked by Gov. DeSantis, DHS, and now an Ohio company.

Ultimate Jet Charters facilitated a depraved political stunt for a Republican governor, which amounts to large-scale human trafficking. The passengers were people seeking asylum in the U.S. because they face extortion, gang violence, kidnapping, and murder in their native countries. They were tricked into getting on the plane, told lies, and had no idea what was happening.
We will not stand for this. Call and email Ultimate Jet Charters' leadership TODAY. Tell them you are outraged at their company's role in this cruel political stunt. Demand that they denounce their participation and ensure it never happens again.
The governors of Florida and Texas, among other Republicans, continue to deny the dignity of migrants and use them as political pawns. Their actions are despicable, and Ultimate Jet Charters cannot get away with facilitating this. 
Contact Ultimate Jet Charters' Leadership 

Stephen West, CEO
330-497-3344 /

Scott Miller, Executive Vice President of Sales
330-433-2144 /

Woxie Lyday, Executive Vice President of Operations
Chris Wank, Executive Vice President of Operations
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