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NicaNotes: Thirteen Years of Sandinista Government

NicaNotes: Thirteen Years of Sandinista Government

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Education System Recognized in UK
Minister of Education Miriam Ráudez and the Nicaraguan Embassy in the United Kingdom are participating in the most important annual meeting on education in the world, the World Education Forum, in its seventh edition in London, under the theme “One Generation: What is needed to transform Education?” It brings together education ministers and 1,263 representatives from more than 95 countries, representing two-thirds of the world’s population, from governments, the public and private sectors and non-governmental organizations, to discuss and enrich education policies, achievements, challenges and opportunities for the future of education. Nicaragua was recognized for its significant progress made in the last 13 years by the Sandinista government, through educational policies focused on ensuring access and universal coverage of free, quality education, focused on social justice, as a restitution of a human right, and as a fundamental factor in the eradication of poverty and inequality. (El19Digital, 1/24/20)


BRIEFSBy Nan McCurdy

Nicaragua’s Economy to Grow in 2020

Exports Increased 13.6% in 2019

New FTZ Companies to Create 10,000 Jobs

Over One Million School Packets for Students

Nicaragua a Leader in Regional Security

World Bank Awards Ministry of Health

2020 to See Record Improvements in Managua

US$20 Million for Small Businesses and Cooperatives

Education System Recognized in UK

Nicaragua: Largest Dairy Exporter in Central America

Coffee Production up 6%

Rosita Hospital Remodeled

US$3 Million for Waspam Water and Sanitation

Nicaragua and Finland Strengthen Ties in Agroforestry