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President Ortega Leads Sandinista Revolution 40th Anniversary

The president of Nicaragua , Daniel Ortega , led the ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution , accompanied by thousands of militants of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in Plaza La Fe, located in Managua (capital).

Representatives of various countries and social organizations came to this place to express their congratulations, among them, delegations from Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Germany, the Dominican Republic and Japan.

During her speech, Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo highlighted the commitment and solidarity of the population to overcome the consequences caused by opposition groups in the violence of April 2018.

"Nicaragua advances in peace, with effort and hope (...) our people own their history and are architects of their liberation, they could not and will not, the Nicaraguan people want work and peace", emphasized the official.

President Ortega stressed that his Government will continue working to guarantee peace and development for the country, always hand in hand with the people. He also thanked the support of the sectors of the population present at the event and the delegations that attended to convey solidarity.

"In these times there are those who cheerfully play a war drum without thinking that they put at risk the existence of themselves, I am sure that the American people want peace and justice," he said.

The head of government said that, regardless of their political position, citizens want peace and economic stability in the midst of a reality that affects the world with so many wars, destruction and exploitation.

"This celebration has allowed all of us here to carry a message of peace, resistance and unity to the Nicaraguan people," he said.

On the illegal sanctions, the president assured that no State has the right to sanction others, since the consequences of those measures will directly affect the people, so it is important to maintain the struggle throughout Latin America.

Likewise, he made a call to join the efforts to continue working in agriculture and livestock, in the promotion of tourism and to achieve new victories against those who try to violate the conquests of the people.

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