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Supreme Court rules in favor of DREAMers. Next step: Senate must give them permanent legal status



Supreme Court rules in favor of DREAMers. Next step: Senate must give them permanent legal status. 

We’re on the right path!

Now, let’s put DREAMers on the path to citizenship



June 2019: the US House passed the Dream and Promise Act

June 2020: Supreme Court rules that Trump illegally rescinded DACA

June 18, 2020: Some 650,000  DREAMers are temporarily safe from deportation (at least for now) because of this unexpected ruling by the Supreme Court ruling against the Trump administration. Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote when he joined the court's four liberal justices. Their ruling: the 2017 decision by DHS (Department of Homeland Security)  to rescind DACA was arbitrary and capricious under the Administrative Procedure Act. This is an unexpected and positive ruling, but the fight on behalf of the DREAMers is far from over. DACA recipients have gotten advanced degrees; they have started businesses; they have bought houses, had children who are U.S. citizens; and 90% have jobs. Some 29,000 DREAMers are health care professionals.

It’s no surprise that the majority of people in the US want the DREAMers to stay. But this won’t happen until Senator Mitch McConnell introduces the American Dream and Promise Act onto the Senate floor.


Next steps

-deportation defense

-ending incarceration of immigrants

-organizing against ICE enforcements

-dismantling the racialized immigration system

-raising bond money for those incarcerated and their families

-pushing the US Senate to pass the American Dream and Promise Act!



Call your US senators. Tell them that "I hope the senator will stand up for immigrant families and urge the leadership in the Senate to introduce the Dream and Promise Act and move it along in committee. Will you let me know what the senator is doing to protect DREAMers and TPS holders?” 


Senator Sherrod Brown: (216) 522-7272 - Cleveland. (202) 224-2315 - Washington, DC.

Senator Rob Portman: (216) 522 7095 - Cleveland. (202) 224 3353 - Washington, DC.



Even though the Supreme Court ruled against the way that Trump rescinded DACA status to DREAMers, these hundreds of thousands of young people still live in a precarious, uncertain legal status. Unless Congress gives them (and TPS holders) permanent legal status, they could be placed into deportation proceedings, tearing families apart.

This legislation is an important part of broader immigration reform that needs to happen:

1- give permanent legal status to immigrants with DACA and TPS

2- end family separation

3- resume discretion in immigration enforcement and prosecution

4- cut the budgets for ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) and USCBP (US Customs & Border Protection)

5- stop incarcerating immigrants



Connect with the Immigration Working Group CLE, a collaborative of community advocates and organizations across NE  Ohio. Ask about the group’s Immigrant Defense Fund, Rapid Response Team, Bond Reduction Project, volunteer needs,  visits to legislators’ offices, vigils, rallies, marches, and more.